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Sire:  Ben Yarden me Dibaan (Jimmy)
Dam:  Isr.Ch. Domino
Born July 10, 2012

Oreo has had a very successful year at the shows, also impressing people with his outgoing and happy temperament and enjoyment of all situations.  He has quickly completed the titles of Israel Junior Champion and Israel Champion.  

He has sired two litters which are looking very promising. 
We are looking forward to more fun with him this year.


Oreo is a very special puppy.  He has attracted attention from the day he was born.  He is full of self confidence, outgoing, full of energy and play, and very relaxed wherever he is.  At his very first show he was Best in Show Puppy.
He is a clown and loves being looked at, so we expect an exciting and fun career for him.


His second show, at eight months, the International Canaan Dog Specialty - VP, Class Winner, Best Puppy